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Previous Cases

 Here are some of the recent positive outcomes that Keep Me Driving has managed to achieve for clients:

When Police Constable J was responding to an emergency call in a Police vehicle a man ran into the path of the van and as a result received life changing injuries. P.C. J, to add insult to injury, was then charged with driving carelessly and causing the man's injuries. Knowing of Keep Me Driving P.C. J chose to instruct them instead of the normal Police Federation solicitor. After extensive enquiries and investigation covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom the matter went to trial over three days. At the conclusion of the trial the presiding Sheriff had "no hesitation" in finding P.C. J Not Guilty.  P.C. J returned to work with an unblemished driving record and returned to police driving duties shortly afterwards. P.C. J later rated the sevice received as "Five Star."

Mr S was stopped by the police when they noticed his car had non-standard wheels. They alleged that as he had not told his insurance company about the wheels his insurance was invalid. They also alleged the wheels extended beyond the bodywork of the car and were a danger to other road users. Mr S wanted to plead guilty to the matter but after taking advice from Keep Me Driving he pleaded Not Guilty. After some months negotiation with the Procurator Fiscal the decision was taken not to proceed with the case and all charges were dropped. Mr S says that Keep Me Driving are "The Best in the Toon."

When Mr H's mobile phone fell from it's hands free cradle he retrieved the phone from the floor of his car. As he was replacing it in the cradle he was stopped by the police who alleged he was using his phone. No explanantion satisfied the officers and Mr H, who had 9 live points on his licence and faced disqualification, was charged by the police. Unable to offer him a fixed penalty the matter was taken to court. Mr H instructed Keep Me Driving to look after his interests and the matter went to trial. After a short trial Mr H was found Not Guilty and retained his driving licence. "Had it not been for Keep Me Driving I would now not be driving, Thank You very much."

Delivering For Sale signs in a works van Mr Q was stopped by the police for speeding. Accepting his guilt and a conditional offer of 3 penalty points and a £100 fine should have been the end of the matter but imagine Mr Q's shock when the police told him that he was not insured to drive the van. Mr Q thought his driving days were temporarily over as the minimum 6 points that would be added to his licence would have seen him, as a new driver, have his licence revoked by DVLA. Recommended by a friend he came to Keep Me Driving and was certainly glad he did. A short period of negotiation took place and once again the decision was taken to discontinue proceedings. Mr Q is still driving although no longer delivers For Sale signs. " I was pleading guilty until Keep Me Driving told me I had a defence to the charge, thank you so much."

When Mr A was disqualified for 5 years back in 2012 he knew it would be a long time until he got back behind the wheel. After a chance conversation he came to Keep Me Driving in early 2015 for some advice. By July 2015 Mr A's disqualification had been removed and he had his licence back nearly 18 months early. "Thanks to Graeme at Keep Me Driving I'm back on the road and have secured a promotion at work. I'm delighted with the representation I received."

If you drive whilst disqualified then you would expect to be further disqualified and in many cases be sent to prison. When Mr F consulted with Keep Me Driving having been charged with just that he was very worried. Initial enquiries revealed, however, that Mr F may have a medical condition that could have seriously affected his judgment and his ability to act rationally. After reports were obtained ruling out the potential defence a guilty plea was tendered. The medical reports were placed before the court and whilst the Sheriff was of a similar view that they did not provide a defence she was satisified that they were sufficiently supportive to exclude prison as a penalty. They were also instrumental in helping Keep Me Driving's solicitor persuade the court that a further ban was not neccessary. Mr F was somewhat surprised when he was told that 10 points would be endorsed on his licence and he could continue driving. "A great result that was all down to Keep Me Driving going that extra mile to investigate my case."

As a taxi driver Mr D's driving licence is essential to him. When he was charged with going through a red light one evening it looked like he had reached the 12 point threshold and would be disqualified for 6 months. He instructed Keep Me Driving to deal with matters. After some enquiries were made and a Freedom Of Information request submitted to the local council it was discovered that the traffic lights in question had a long history of being faulty. Armed with this information Keep Me Driving persuaded the Procurator Fiscal to drop the case and Mr D kept on working.

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